an exploration

I’m exploring a day in which it’s hard to feel hopeful. In which the unexpected arrives. A day when what-ifs gather like dust bunnies under the bed. When what-do-I-do-nows show up, and their endless chatter about maybes and might-bes and possible scenarios make it hard to hear myself think. Forgive me, I say, I’m knee-deep in disbelief just now. I’m not ready for options. For optimism. For hope. On the other hand, I’m no wallower either. At least not for long. If not hope, then at least and at last faith enters the room. Pushing both sleeves up past my elbows, faith readies me for work. Even stronger than hope, faith will guide. Faith lights my dark thoughts, pushes me past disbelief, and strengthens me enough to overcome emotional inertia. Both authoritative and compassionate, faith kindly leads. More powerful, more passionate even than irony, faith can save any day – even one where hope feels a little lost. Faith finds my way. And hope follows along behind.

lessons from a still life

make time . . . look for the light . . . appreciate shadows . . . find beauty in the ordinary . . . take one thing away . . . experiment and learn . . . change the lens . . . try again . . . focus on what’s right in front of me . . . move for a new point of view . . . think through problems . . . simplify . . . make adjustments . . . trust my eye . . . work is pleasure . . . it’s okay to make a mess . . . to create is to hope

come, november

Come, November.  You with your winds and rains. Your passions and gratitudes. Your brisk walks and sparkle-frosted mornings. Come, November. We’ll warm up with your soups and stews, breads and blankets. We’ll be mesmerized by your achingly clear midnight skies pierced for a moment by your stars and the sharp slice of your moon. Come, November. You with your chill and stark sticks. Your reluctant light and bare-boned trees. You, all gray-skied and maybe misunderstood. Come, November. We’ll walk together, thankful and daring, making our way toward winter. We’ll travel by candlelight, firelight, and lamplight. Side-by-side, step-by-step. Disregarding the forecast and choosing instead to count our blessings, knowing nothing is ever as bleak as wasting a single day. Come, November. Let’s gather ‘round your table and be nourished in your company. Hopeful, happy, and home.