come, november

Come, November.  You with your winds and rains. Your passions and gratitudes. Your brisk walks and sparkle-frosted mornings. Come, November. We’ll warm up with your soups and stews, breads and blankets. We’ll be mesmerized by your achingly clear midnight skies pierced for a moment by your stars and the sharp slice of your moon. Come, November. You with your chill and stark sticks. Your reluctant light and bare-boned trees. You, all gray-skied and maybe misunderstood. Come, November. We’ll walk together, thankful and daring, making our way toward winter. We’ll travel by candlelight, firelight, and lamplight. Side-by-side, step-by-step. Disregarding the forecast and choosing instead to count our blessings, knowing nothing is ever as bleak as wasting a single day. Come, November. Let’s gather ‘round your table and be nourished in your company. Hopeful, happy, and home.

11 thoughts on “come, november

    1. Hi Betty! Thank you for your kind comments! I’m motivated to accept each day as it comes. I’ve wanted to ask you if you saw the comment I left on your blog? I wasn’t sure I was doing it in the correct manner.

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      1. You are welcome. I’m sorry, but I did not see a comment from you. I do reply to every comment. Once in a while something goes into the spam folder by mistake, but I didn’t see it there either.


  1. I like how you beckon November as if a friend. Your sensitivity to the beauty nature shares with us is always so evident and thoughtfully stated.


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