an exploration

I’m exploring a day in which it’s hard to feel hopeful. In which the unexpected arrives. A day when what-ifs gather like dust bunnies under the bed. When what-do-I-do-nows show up, and their endless chatter about maybes and might-bes and possible scenarios make it hard to hear myself think. Forgive me, I say, I’m knee-deep in disbelief just now. I’m not ready for options. For optimism. For hope. On the other hand, I’m no wallower either. At least not for long. If not hope, then at least and at last faith enters the room. Pushing both sleeves up past my elbows, faith readies me for work. Even stronger than hope, faith will guide. Faith lights my dark thoughts, pushes me past disbelief, and strengthens me enough to overcome emotional inertia. Both authoritative and compassionate, faith kindly leads. More powerful, more passionate even than irony, faith can save any day – even one where hope feels a little lost. Faith finds my way. And hope follows along behind.

4 thoughts on “an exploration

  1. I’d never thought of faith in this way but yes, absolutely yes! I’m saving this for I know I’ll want – need – to read this again and again.


  2. ‘Faith finds my way. And hope follows along behind.’

    This is beautifully said. Barbara. I don’t have to figure out every last detail. God has already taken care of that. Therein is our peace when the world comes crashing in …


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