what’s good for me

Focus on what’s right in front of me – no looking ahead or what-ifs, ands or buts.

Replace complaining with gratituding.

Keep moving. No lull, no lolling about, no lamenting.

Ponder can-dos over can’t dos. Wishes and want-tos will have their moment.

Relax my shoulders. Unfurrow my brow.

Turn my face to the sun, but remember even rain waters something within me.

Enjoy the exquisite fullness of this one moment.

Wonder about wonder.

Listen for the morning chorus of birds.

It’s quite possible, after all, each bird whistles a song of hope . . .

today’s hope

2 thoughts on “what’s good for me

    1. That’s the challenge, isn’t it? Finding that mindset! It’s always a work in progress for me and some day’s it’s easier than others. Writing about it yesterday helped! Thanks for the affirmation!


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