oh! darn!

The wool socks were a gift. Probably decades ago by now. I honestly don’t remember the occasion. Just the feeling of receiving them.

A humble pair of socks reminded me I was loved.

Tugging them over my feet on a cold day last month, I noticed a hole in one heel.

A shame, I thought. They’re too worn to wear. Care worn.

Oh! Darn!

The wabi-sabi of textiles.

Save what’s useful. Mend a simple something that’s good and right and true and personal. Tend love.




Appreciation for darning guidance found in: make thrift mend by Katrina Rodabaugh

4 thoughts on “oh! darn!

  1. I wouldn’t know the first thing about darning or mending socks but I do know your photo is rich in deep blues and texture and the depth of field that draws my eyes to your subject. Wonderful combination of art, Barbara.


  2. oh those were the days when we patched and mended and made do … you’re bring back memories of my Grandma, sitting by the window, taking care of business on clothing that needed attention.

    thank you for that gift this evening, friend.

    and, oh by the way, i’ve featured you on the blog this weekend. always happy to do so.


    1. Yes! How did we let those days slip away? Making do is more easily done than ever I thought … and it’s no hardship either! Those socks are still so serviceable! When did a disposable, “I’ll just buy another pair” become my mindset? No more!

      Thanks for your kindness, Linda. Your friendship means so much, and I appreciate your support of me.


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