I will not hurry. No rushing around for me. I will not slave for function over form. I will keep my heart rate at resting, returning to my breath as often as necessary. At the end of today’s living, what I want to remember most is how I felt – – not what I accomplished. I want to whisper gratitudes into my pillow tonight with nary a complaint on my lips. I sometimes daydream about a day to myself, but truth is, each day comes with a demand or two. Much better to live a come what may day, especially since life has a way of working itself out one way or another without much intervention from me. With a little faith, some hope, and a sparkle of fairy dust, I’ll find my way from the top of the day to the bottom by allowing myself to simply BE. Imagine a day – – a slow day – – because I decide it so. Imagine.

4 thoughts on “slow

  1. I kept saying to my mind as I read your post, yes, yes, yes. I love the picture too because I just looked up how to make dandelion jelly. My Grandma made it all the time and the wine too and the tea. I just want to try making jelly. I will make sure to have a day afterwards to just be…great post.


  2. Yes. Slow is becoming one of my most meaningful words. For me, it comes laden with peace and rest and clarity of what matters most and what I need to be healthy. Thanks for these wise words, friend.


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