The daily news hangs heavier and heavier in my heart. Day after day. After day. Each notification, each headline, tweet, and post adds to me feeling powerless. There’s an ache in deep parts of me that never quite recedes. Honestly, I’ve been feeling more hopeless these days than hopeful. There’s no recourse in the short-term. No way to help or stop or become part of the solution. Because the problems – and there are so many – feel too big. Too insurmountable. Too often entirely out of my control.

Still, there’s no giving up is there? No giving up for the people who minute by minute struggle far more than I do. No giving up for the planet and the people far younger than I who’ll need to live on it longer than I will. The list is long, the worries are many, the fear, ever-present.

It’s imperative to stay informed. The need-to-know has never been more crucial. Reliable information helps inform my vote, my financial support, and my prayer.

But I need some good news too.

Have you any? Good news, I mean. Have you any good news to share?

Flowers blooming? Gone for a bike ride? Found a friend? What made you laugh? Who did you spend time with? See something new? Different? Unusual? Did your daughter make the team? Your mom come to visit?

What moved your heart? Please. Share.

I wouldn’t want you to think any of this good news sharing neutralizes or diminishes the serious state of our country and world.

But it may help keep us sane. Or more open to possibility, ideas, action … and hope.

I just saw my son for the first time in almost three years. Mother’s Day was magical. Our electric bill went down this month. The peonies and lilacs are just about to burst.

And yesterday afternoon … I saw an owl. Up close. Its head on the swivel as it’s known to do. Eyes alert. Focused. Full circle aware of the world all around. Ready and on the hunt for some sustenance.

Me too.

4 thoughts on “sustenance

  1. While on this trip, we stumbled upon a statue named “Sacred Tears.” It commemorates the Trail of Tears, and it notes that the people of Tuscombia, Alabama helped the Indians as they moved through the town. This statue reminded me of events today. It is sad and horrible and out of my control. But I can pray, and I can donate to causes to help the people of Ukraine. That statue inspired me to remember the good in people even when it is overshadowed.


  2. The weight is heavy. It also seems like hate is ruling the day. I think you’re on the right track to look for good wherever you see it. Nothing is too small for goodness, kindness, or hope. A new book, a smile…gather them up, my friend. And know you aren’t alone.


    1. I know I’m not alone. I know the weight is heavy for all of us. I just wish I could find a love-centered way for us to carry it all together – to share our good news together. Heal us with one happy story at a time. Crowd out hate with all the many ways to love and hope. Thanks for the camaraderie, friend. Sending love.

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