There comes a tipping point in my balance.

When what’s good for me becomes just one more thing to do, and I am no longer one of my own priorities.

No amount of candle lighting or journal writing can recenter the weight.There’s only the passage of time, hope for a good night’s sleep, and the certain knowledge this time too shall pass.

In the meantime, there are negotiations. Trades. This for that. Time borrowed here and spent there. Adjustments.

And the truth is, imbalance is just as unsustainable as balance.

Because there arrives a day when the pressure subsides. Responsibilities lift. Check marks ink all the to-be-dones as done. And I wonder what all the fuss was about.

Hope emerges from underneath the pile on the desk.

I turn a new page in the journal, flip the calendar to April, and finally choose to pack the camera after all.

I breathe in. Exhale. And smile.

Every little thing’s gonna be alright.*

Thanks to Bob Marley for the reminder.

5 thoughts on “balance

  1. I hopped on over here tonight, hoping that maybe you’d written recently and somehow I missed it. I feel rewarded, big time, as always.

    I hope all is well, friend. You’ve been missed.


    1. Thank you, Linda! All is well, despite a bit of world-weariness I’m sure we all share. There’s been a bit too much on the plate lately as well. Headed out on a real vacation today and that should help so much. Thanks for checking on me. Blessings to you and my thanks for your kindness.


  2. An important reminder from Bob Marley to keep in mind. Plus, it’s got a light-hearted rhythm too. So glad to see you here as I look forward to reading your posts.


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