life lessons: off grid

DSC_0326 (7)I’ve been living off grid.

Not unplugged, mind you, but off grid in the sense that daily summer adventures are moving me beyond the regularly traveled intersections of my life.

The result?

My spirits: higher. My rest: deeper. My stress: lower.  My eyes, heart, and mind: clear, open, and engaged. In that order.

In short:  I’m happy.

Day trips. Camping. Tennis. Hikes. Beach. Baseball. Friends. Food. Books. Family.

Life feels invigorating.

Research shows multiple benefits to breaking out of your routine. Even taking a different route between work and home is like a refresh for your brain. New surroundings. New focus. Heightened awareness. Brain growth.

Take yourself outside for even more health benefits.  Google it: “health benefits of being outside.” I got 11,600,000 hits. Everyone from the National Wildlife Federation to Harvard University agrees: spending any amount of time outside can improve your mood, your mental cognition,  and just about everything else about the way your body and brain work: from your attention span to your deep sleep cycle.

The good news?

There’s still 52 days left of summer, and summer is one of the easiest times of the year to explore.

How will you spend your 52?



2 thoughts on “life lessons: off grid

  1. I loved reading this. The outdoors is such a wonderful gift.

    52 days doesn’t seem like enough time! We were sitting on our deck this morning eating breakfast, listening to the birds, feeling the warm sun, and I was thinking, I wish I could do this every morning.
    No rush. Just sunshine. Coffee. Laughs.

    I ❤️ Summer. Everything about it. ☀️
    We will squeeze in as much as we can in those slow, warm, beautiful 52 days! ☀️❤️☀️


  2. Hi Stephanie! I’ll be squeezing in as much as I can too. There’s time in every single day for slow. For fun. For enjoying life. I also need to do a better job with appreciating winter! It’s a work in progress!


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