peace. love. vermont.

DSC_0456Nothing unfurrows my brow like a few days in Vermont.

DSC_0469 (2)We visit as often as we can.

Breathing feels easier.

DSC_0515 (3)Right about now the meadows fill to overflowing with daisies, black-eyed Susans, buttercups, and Indian paintbrush.

Vermont feels wide, wide open and all that green, green space makes me feel like whatever’s all tight and taunt inside me is unfurling – and free.

DSC_0513 (2)There’s a farm ’round every bend in the road and pastures full of horses, cows, and sheep.

In Vermont, it’s cool talk to all the animals, because … well, why not?

DSC_0538 (2)

DSC_0368 (6)Maybe there’s some sort of simplicity to be found here, a respite from other, more common complications and worries.

Or maybe it’s not the place, but me. Maybe it’s me who’s different here.

Could be. Might be. May be.

Maybe I change.

DSC_0333 (7)When I’m in Vermont I feel like my most true self. And something I can’t quite explain happens to me every single time I cross the border.

DSC_0526 (2)Vermont, I love you and I know you love me right back.

DSC_0518 (2)Peace. Love. Vermont.


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