life lessons: jamaica


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An Open Letter to the Sandals Corporation:

It’s been two weeks since I walked your Jamaican Ochi Beach Club beaches.  I remember our last morning swim in the Caribbean.  Every. Single. Day. It’s hard to be home – not because home’s that bad – but because Jamaica’s that good.

And it’s all about the people.

Here’s the point I want you to understand, Sandals:  you spoiled us silly and we wanted for absolutely nothing during our stay at your resort. You planned for every possible wish, want, or desire. Food. Drink. Entertainment. Activity. Shopping. The works.

But honestly, I’m not really comfortable with all that attention. I’m okay with a beach and a towel. Some fresh fruit. My love by my side and a beautiful sunset.  And anyway, all that spoiling is not what keeps me coming back to Jamaica. (Nine times now.)

It’s the people I come back for.

Sandals, your people are your greatest asset.

I miss them and their unrelenting optimism.  And let me tell you, the Jamaican people have taught me a lot about gratitude.

Because life in Jamaica is hard. Your people struggle. I know you know that … you’ve established a foundation to help … but I’m quite sure it’s not enough. It never is. And truly, it’s something I think about a lot.

Your people aren’t just doing their jobs, Sandals. Your people inspire.

I want to sing on my way to work in the morning, like they do, light on my face and hope in my heart. I want to bear life’s hardships with as much grace, dignity, and optimism.

In the end, I suppose daily life is all about gratitude.

Your folks know all that – and more.

So, thank you, Sandals, for your hospitality. I am ever so grateful for my time in Jamaica. But much more than that, I’m so grateful for the Jamaican people.

You all have much to be proud of.

In gratitude.


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