If you must, you will.

DSC_0369 (2)

One hundred days suddenly doesn’t seem long enough.

I’m well into week one of #the100dayproject and I’ve been experimenting.

As promised.

To myself.

Who needs a studio when there’s just-right light, a stool, and an old crate? Our mudroom basks in the softest of morning light this time of year, and just when I wasn’t looking, there it was: a gentle¬†caress of light across wilting tulips.

Experimenting never looked so beautiful – to me.

And maybe that’s the single biggest understanding I’m gaining about #the100dayproject. It’s not about followers, or readers, or any kind of audience at all.

My audience this time around feels like an audience of one.

There’s peace and a comfortable solitude in the quiet moments of creating. Me and my pen. Me and my camera. Me and my thoughts. My photographs. My words.

Me… and myself.

I’m a new believer:

If you must, you will.



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