Dressing for Success

dsc_0355-2I woke to a dreary day.

Rain, some of it freezing, darkened the sky, and it was hard to find a bright spot.


Making a decision to dress for success, I dug deep in my drawer for my golden yellow corduroys. Winter white sweater and scarf. Sunflower earrings.

I’ll make my own sunshine, I thought, and slipped on the final touch: Mel’s bracelet.

A gift from a thoughtful and loving friend, this bracelet brightens my every day – rain or shine. Of course, it’s a tangible sign of friendship … but there’s more than that, because wearing this bracelet is symbolic of hope.

No one among us is untouched by cancer. And Mel’s bracelet reminds us to gather in a circle – one bright, beautiful, colorful bead at a time – to fight it.

If you visit the Friends of Mel Foundation website, you’ll learn about the spirit of Mel Simmons, a woman with a light shining bright as the sun. So vibrant. So loved by many. So determined to beat breast cancer.

Her story is inspiring. And so is the Foundation’s mission to support, empower, and educate people touched by cancer. A Friends of Mel bracelet honors Mel Simmons and her big, bright, and beautiful light.

So … today, I dressed for success because I made my own sunshine and chased away the clouds.

Someday soon I hope it means I helped chase away cancer too.

You can order Mel’s Bracelet in support of the Friends of Mel Foundation here.  

What an amazing Valentine’s Day gift this would be!

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