In this weekend of living, there’s cookies to bake for co-workers who’ve helped me out. There’s the usual cleaning and laundry, the new book idea I’d like to get organized, and the bills to review.

I’d like to experiment with some bread baking, change the sheets, and deal with some of that junk in the cave we call a basement. At some point, I’ll need to work through all the paperwork I brought home, plan for next week, and order that photography equipment.

Of course, there’s always the photographs I’d like to take.

And if the storm holds off, we’ll be able to go out to dinner as a family.  Have some fun, face-to-face, and conversation too.

So it’ll be a busy weekend, and somewhere in between, I’d like to find some time to exercise, read a little, knit a bit — and nap.

Obviously, my list is lofty.

Eventually, I’ll pare it down to manageable and in the end, maybe the necessary will get done.

What’s even more important to me, however, is the unnecessary — because it’s all that stuff that feeds me and my soul, that nourishes my body and mind in a wholesome, heart beating way.

I thrive because of the unnecessary.

So when I’m looking through the list, it’s the unnecessary I’ll prioritize. The family and the photographs, the bread baking, writing, and napping. The reading. The cookies.

The love.

Whatever’s necessary will have wait.



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