(Almost) Free Fall Decorations

I’ve been gathering.

Fall is a gathering season, after all.  Nuts. Pumpkins. Apples. The very last sunflower.


I may transition slowly, but once I do, I’m all in … and I fall in. 

For sure, fall’s my absolute favorite season and I have a bunch of fun bringing a little bit of fall from out there … to in here … our home.

Tiny touches … and (almost) free.

  • gourds/ from the grocery store nestled in an old wooden bowl


  • berries/gathered by the side of the road and plopped into a vintage crock


  • mini pumpkins/scattered solo here and there



or in a roly-poly pile on the kitchen counter


  • apples/of course and piled high



  • acorns/collected on many walks around our neck of the woods



  • candy corn/for a jarful of fun and frivolous


  • mums/tucked in a farmer’s basket for the front porch


The berries and acorns were free for the gathering. So were the apples … a gift from a friend with some apple trees. The gourds, mini-pumpkins, candy corn, and mums are from Market Basket – where you truly do get “more for your dollar.”

Happy first week of fall! Enjoy the season’s offerings – for (almost) free!


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