DSC_0372 (3)Some days there are clouds.

It may be  your day off. The day you planned to go to the beach. Maybe do a little gardening. Or you thought you’d take a long, leisurely bike ride. A walk. A paddle on the lake.

Whatever you had planned, the clouds took you by surprise. The magnitude. The intensity. They’re threatening. Foreshadowing. Dark.

And you feel a little cheated.

Or worried.

It could be you’re thinking about someone else’s disappointment. Or the reaction of someone you love. Our clouds cover them too, after all. So it’s on your mind and all of that makes the horizon that much harder to see.

But it’s there.

Tomorrow will come – rising, ready or not – and a new day with all its weather will be delivered to your doorstep.

And maybe …just as it’s important to live for today, in the moment, and seize every second … there are also those days when it’s better to look forward to the hope of tomorrow. If there’s anything I know about tomorrow, it’s wide, wide open to possibility and change and all the benefits of today’s experiences.

What I’ve learned walking around in the fog today, will steer me better through tomorrow. I’ll have an umbrella, for starters, and maybe some boots better for walking out there in the mud after it finally rains.

And then,  I’ll find myself a rainbow.



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