found time

The passage of time is predictable, of course, as are most of the ways I use my allotment. There’s a rhythm to my schedule and a routine. Some days, you’ll hear me complain about how little time I have. A common theme. It’s difficult to finagle a few minutes to do what I love, to be the friend I want to be, or finally get around to what I’ve been meaning to get done for weeks.

Come to find out: the time’s been there all along. I just needed to find it.

This week, I found time to:

  • walk with a friend
  • chat with my sister
  • photograph an amazing sunrise
  • sit in a bit of solitude
  • continue #the100dayproject
  • pack healthy lunches
  • listen (closely and carefully and completely)
  • run an unplanned errand (without stress)
  • moisturize my skin (not once, but twice)
  • exercise
  • enjoy a meaningful conversation – unhurried
  • soak in a hot bath
  • write
  • read – right there at my desk – in the middle of the day

Find time. Go look. It’s there.


8 thoughts on “found time

  1. So often I wish I could slow down time since the older I get the faster it goes. Then I think about those who have to be in nursing homes or stuck at home due to illness which can make time drag and usually stops my complaining about time. I try hard to do one thing at a time and not get caught up in what I haven’t time to do. I say no a lot to extra’s things due to our ministry schedule. But I have a few friends I love to spend time with and put extra effort into making time for them because I need their encouragement. We give out so much in ministry I get empty and need that loving taking in of fun, laughter and love. Good post.


    1. You’re so right about aging and the speed of time. I never thought about this idea of time in terms of the elderly in a nursing home where time must seem like it stretches on and on with no day different than the rest. Puts my complaining in perspective. Thank you. And thanks for stopping by!


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