DSC_0365 (3)

100 days.

A roly-poly, friendly number.

100 days.

Start to finish: April 4 to July 12 … the day after my birthday.

(A sign, for sure.)

Oh my. This project is so exactly what I need.

It’s a hopeful project. A heart project. A passion project.

#the100dayproject is a pledge, promise, and vow … to myself.

It’s a happy, healthy, and can-do adventure of discovery and purpose.

And it’s all waiting for me right at the crossroads of should and must.

It’s been two years since Elle Luna’s book THE CROSSROADS OF SHOULD AND MUST Find and Follow Your Passion was published, and it’s been a little over a year since I read it: itching and aching for more creativity in my life.

Did I mention yearning?

I wasn’t ready for last year’s project, too jam-packed with excuses why I could not and should not. But this year … this year is the year of why not?  So I’m all in.

It’s a commitment to personal passion:  100 days of ___________

So watch for it here: 100 days of  photography and writing.

I’m especially interested in the intersection of the two – how one inspires the other. A which came first chicken and egg sort of experiment.  I’ll be exploring it with my students too.

I’d love to tell you more, but the beauty is: I don’t know where I’ll go over the the next 100 days … and I certainly don’t know where I’ll be at the end.

Won’t it be fun to find out?

You can register for and connect to #the100dayproject HERE.

Follow 100 Day Project co-founders on Instagram: @elleluna and @lindsayjeanthomson

Follow my posts here and on Instagram: @1hopefulyear



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