25 Reasons I’ll Miss You at Christmas


In no particular order …

And excepting the obvious and unconditional love for you, my first-born …

1- Your general wealth of knowledge.

2- Your integrity and the pride I feel for who you are when I’m in your presence.

3- Your mechanical and technical expertise.

4- Your patience with my lack of mechanical and technical expertise.

5- Taking photographs with you.

6- The family traditions we share.

7- Watching you accurately guess every single gift in your stocking.

8- Knowing we’re once again sleeping under the same roof.

9- Listening to your stories.

10- The unmistakable sound of you  blowing your nose.

11- Your advice – cheerfully given – about almost any topic.

12- Reading The Night Before Christmas with you.

13- Watching The Santa Clause and happily anticipating all the best lines.

14- A full table on Christmas Day.

15- The anticipation of seeing your face at our door.

16- Trying (again) to blow up the air mattress so it doesn’t deflate (see #4.)

17- Enjoying the full effect of four boy banter.

18- Listening to George Winston, Carole of the Bells.

19- Speculating about what our next car purchase/lease should be.

20- Hearing about your dream car and all the reasons it was okay for you to lease such an      expensive vehicle.

21- Remember when-ing about baseball at the field, camping, and the year you didn’t go to sleep until 4 AM Christmas morning. (Santa was exhausted that year.)

22- Leaving for church an hour early so we get seats for the Christmas pageant on Christmas Eve.

23- Following the luminaria lit from downtown to home on Christmas Eve after church.

24- Holding your hand during the Lord’s Prayer.

25- Coloring on Christmas morning.

I love you and I hope you can feel it … all the way from far, far away.

Thank you for your service.

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