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I’m the oldest of five. It’s tough to maneuver your way in and around a party of five.  Someone’s always ahead of you, just behind, or in your way.

Speaking of your way, I almost never got mine. It’s okay. I’m over it. Mostly.

I was often told to let the younger kids go first. I was more mature. Knew how to be patient. And I was expected to be responsible.

Five kids is a crowd of kids and it’s hard to find your place, your time, your turn.

I remember when we watched TV. The best place of all to watch was on the end of the couch closest to the TV. This was the spot with the best view and an arm to lean on too.

Problem was, this was in the days before remotes, and I’d have to get up to change the channel. With a wrench. Because the knob broke off some years before and this was what you did.

So I was faced with a choice. Watch what some other kid wanted to watch and let them change the channel – keeping my seat. Or get up and change the channel and lose my spot.

Now with all those kids ready to pounce, the odds of losing the prime place were without question in their favor.


Unless I said, “saved.”

Anyone with the best spot could say, “saved,” get up, go away, and return without penalty or loss of location.

That’s the way it was.

And that’s the way it is. Now. Today. Here.

This blog is one of my favorite spots. I love writing. Love taking pictures. Love hanging out here and watching my life go by post by post.  This is the best view I have to my thoughts, dreams, and ideas.

But life’s been busy. I have to be patient. I must be responsible. I have a school year to wrap up. I can’t really spend serious time here just yet.

So I’m saying, “Saved.”

I’ll be back.



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