Fake It ‘Til You Find It

Just when I think I know where my story’s going, some completely unexpected plot twist arrives all uppity and unannounced. Like I should have known or could’ve guessed.

So I sit back and let life settle.

And realize for the nine hundredth time that the words in-control and life should never be used in the same sentence. At least not any sentence I’m writing.

Every list I’ve written, every single promise I’ve made to myself, and every prayer I’ve offered is an attempt by me to control the uncontrollable. Life really is the ultimate wild animal, unpredictable and unwilling to be tamed.

It’s been a long week of rainy days, so it’s been hard to find mood-lifters around here. Dismal. Bleak. Grey. Even dank  Dreary adjectives to write, much less live.

Maybe that’s what now qualifies me as a good judge of hope-boosters.

I bring you now an emergency list of fake-it-til-you-find-it hope:.

This lotion: 

Archipelago Botanicals

Hope from a pump. Minty, fresh, cool. A sensory soul food. Best after hot baths.

A new toothbrush:


Tuesday was dentist day and clearly there’s hope in just leaving there with only an appointment for your next six-month cleaning. But I upped the ante this time around and left with a new toothbrush too. It was about $30 cheaper than the store and I got a mail-in rebate for $20 too.

This Pro-5000 is Bluetooth – which I find hilarious given my sometimes weird sense of humor – so apparently my toothbrush is able to talk to my Iphone. Or maybe Siri?However, since I don’t want anyone talking about my teeth, not even my hygienist, I will not be using that feature. Still, this baby gives an invigorating little zip to my morning routine.

Spring clothes:

I wore THIS flouncy maxi dress in Jamaica. Could’ve slept in it. That comfy.

The Revenant:

Fox Movies

Pretty much every frame of this flick will make you feel grateful for the life you’ve got.

Rain or no rain, plot twist and all… my life is not Hugh Glass’s life. Even DiCaprio must’ve been more cold, wet, and cranky than I’ve been. Yikes. Out on cable now. For 5.99 and a night at home, you too can feel better about your life in the morning.

And one last thing: I looked up the definition for the word revenant because I had no idea what it meant.

A noun, of course, a revenant is a a person who has returned.

Like me.




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