Ever hit one of those bumps in the road and think, “This … this is the one that’s gonna break my axle.”

But it doesn’t. Does it?

That’s the funny thing about bumps because when you’re up and on ’em, you’d swear you’re never going over and down the other side. No way. This is the worst one. Ever.

But it isn’t. Is it?

DSC_0810 (3)

Of course we all hope for clear skies and calm seas, but the truth is the ride’s never that easy. Boats will rock and the road will heave and one way or the other, we’ll all get where we’re going.

Won’t we?

Sunrise isn’t quite as spectacular without a few clouds sharing the horizon, but I know of no one who wishes for more clouds, beautiful as they color that sky at dawn. And sitting here on the bottom end of a bump, I’m as certain as I could possibly be that I’d be just fine without another one.

Thank you very much.

But then I look back. And ahead. And back again. I see that last bump and others, higher even, and I think, “Wow … wouldja look at that … I survived.”

Didn’t I?

It’s important to take a minute and see how far we’ve come. Sure. There’s more road to travel – thankfully – and I’m sure there’s bumps up ahead I can’t see yet. Curves. Potholes. Maybe even a stall or a crash. But that’s okay. We’ve got insurance.

It’s called faith.



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