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Sometimes all the exterior forces gather strength and push in – hard. Lately life’s been a bit like walking straight into some sort of wind storm. I’m staying upright, but there’s a whole lot of debris flying around and my eyes are beginning to tear up.

So how have I handled it?

Not all that gracefully, I’m afraid.

There’s been more than my fair share of complaining over the last couple of weeks.  A little retail therapy too. Both of which feel like a good release in the moment – but have no real, long-lasting effects. I’ve also been sleepless night after night, so exhaustion makes it harder to find the core strength I know is within me. I’ve been overtired, irritable, and the two piles of clean laundry sitting in the family room chair since Saturday mock me each night while I watch the news.

Wait. Don’t even get me started on the news.

But this is today. It’s only just beginning, and my friends … I have some choices to make.

I choose silence.

Speaking aloud my list of woes into the universe only adds to the chaos and stirs the air around those I love.

I choose people.

Looking beyond the end of my own nose into the lives of those around me shows me the needs of others. We each live through our own storms – and maybe today, I can be a shelter.

I choose order.

Cleaning the counter this morning restored the smallest bit of sanity.  Later my desk. If I don’t feel as though I’ve got life under control, maybe I can take some – make some order on my surfaces … and in my mind.

I guess that’s what this post has really been about.

I choose.

I choose faith.

I choose hope.





2 thoughts on “Choose

  1. You’ve reminded us so clearly that even in the storm, we get to choose how we will respond. This is empowering … and so very possible! Even cleaning off a counter, putting away a basket of laundry, making a bed can propel us onward.

    It seems like God can use the most daily of tasks to focus us on the road ahead …

    Love this post, friend!


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