Girls Just Wanna Have …

DSC_0032 (2)

Pretty nails?

Well… some do, some don’t.

For those that do, here’s a fun nail polish bouquet DIY.

Think bright, bold, and beautiful … just like all  those women and girls in your life.

I created this bouquet in a little more than an hour for a Valentine’s Day gift.  Easter’s coming and Mother’s Day just after that  … but really, any girly kind of gift occasion will work for this big  bunch of happy.

You could even give out single, long-stems to each go-to-girl in your group.

How fun!

You’ll need:

  • nail polish – round bottoms look best
  • wooden floral “stems” – about 8″ long
  • green floral tape
  • floral foam – sized appropriate to your container
  • colorful muffin liners
  • scrapbook paper – coordinating to your polish color
  • glue gun
  • raffia
  • container

DSC_0015 (2)

What to do:

This took me a few tries because my first idea – what I see in my mind – doesn’t always work. No worries. I wasn’t giving up.

  • Cut holes in a couple of muffin liners and slip the polish cover through the holes. Hold with one hand, pinching a bit. Tape to hold in place with scotch tape.
  • Attach the cover of the polish to the flower stem with scotch tape. It doesn’t matter if you can see the tape because you’ll cover it.
  • Wrap the cover and stem with floral tape. This will double-wrap your polish to the stem and make it more sturdy.
  • Cut hearts from scrapbook paper.
  • Attach in random formations with the hot glue gun to the polish and the muffin liners, layering as you go until you’re happy with how it looks. I layered some hearts right side up and some upside down.
  • Curl “petals” a little with your fingers.
  • Floral foam goes in the base of your container. I used a pretty pottery crock from Hobby Lobby because it’s surely reusable long after the polish bouquet is dismantled.  A tall, tightly-woven basket would work too.
  • Be sure you cut your stems to different lengths and “arrange” them as you would regular flowers. I tucked a little stuffing around the floral foam to be sure everything stays secure inside the container.
  • Surround the stems with natural or coordinating raffia – I had the red on hand! Lucky!

Best bet: Have fun with it … because after all … Girls Just Wanna Have Fun !





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