On Fitbits and New Friendships

I was up for a good three hours or so last night. Not that I need the backup, but my new Fitbit confirms I was restless about 29 times. I think restless means rolling over. And over. And over.

From about 10:30 to somewhere south of 1 a.m., I mentally paced back and forth taking dictation. Plans. Details. Memories. Reflections. Writing topics.

And I counted. Blessings. Things to do.  I even estimated the weekend’s loads of laundry.

As an aside, one thing I never counted on was my heart rate moving into hyper-drive with a touch of tachycardia.  My Fitbit can measure that too – which is why I bought it in the first place. My heart and I were moving along at a pace of 134 beats per minute for 15 minutes or so, and I have to tell you how weird it feels to be lying perfectly still in my jammies with the heart rate of a sprinter.

It got my attention.

I think the most notable thing about tachycardia is how absolutely random it is. Out of nowhere, it begins – almost as if with the flick of a switch.  My doctor suggested several strategies to re-calibrate a more regular heartbeat, but none of them worked last night. So I lay there listening and counting the breaths of my husband and beagle until the switch flipped off. Just as randomly as the episode began, it ended.

I tried my best to relax from that point on.

Wondering about whys and how comes.

Life, I decided, feels a lot like this experience.

I walk along through regular days and nights for weeks at a time.  My pace is as regular as my route. I can count on the predictability.

Until something – or someone – gets my attention.

This week, it was Linda Stoll who surprised me silly.

Linda and I don’t know each other almost at all. We connected at the beginning of this month via Emily Freeman’s blog . I’ve knocked on her virtual door, and she’s stopped by here. (For tea and molasses crinkles .)

And a friendship begins.

The surprise?

New friend Linda featured me on her blog this week along with several strong and special women and … and … wow. How incredibly amazing to feel such warmth. So welcomed into the circle of her very loving community. So included. 

As you may have noticed in my last post, I’ve been feeling a little lonely around here. And just like that … I’m not really alone anymore.

Thank you, Linda.

You, my new friend, are one of the blessings I count.

You can visit with Linda and her circle of friends here.




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