Someday When

DSC_0683 (3)

You probably already know the best day to begin any major project is the day before you’re hosting a dinner for 14 people.

Let’s call them someday-when projects.

Someday when … I have more time.

Someday when … the rest of the family’s off to who knows where, and I’m alone for the day.

Someday when … I’m better rested, feeling creative, or find a little confidence to give my ideas a go.

Ideally, the someday arrives on a day when you have nothing else planned and nothing better to do.

Like the day before Thanksgiving.

DSC_0679 (3)

When we moved three years ago, I brought four almost-new, floor-length curtain panels from our old family room with me to the new house.  Of course, the plan was to rehang them in our new space.  Woven and burlap-ish with a touch of industrial grommet. Just our style. Cozy. Warm. Perfect.

And about 6 inches too short for the new windows.

If windows could wear high-waters, these curtains would be it, and I was so disappointed, but unwilling to accept the situation and move on. Instead, I kept all four of those panels piled in the basement, convinced I’d need them someday.

And I did. The day before Thanksgiving.

It was an inspired moment.

Those floor-length panels needed a makeover – just in time for the holidays.

I measured. Drew a semi-straight black Sharpie line from one edge to the other. And one panel after another,  lopped off a whole long length of curtain.

I’m a meticulous seamstress like that.

There were pins involved. And sewing. Maybe some swearing. Maybe.

But in the end, those former family-room stars emerged from the sewing machine with a whole new look. Sleek. Stylish. Updated.

Valences! And Pillows!

DSC_0682 (3)

And free!




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