Just Down the Road from Overwhelmed

DSC_0612I felt four kinds of awful yesterday. No details necessary,  really. We all know how many real-world ways we can feel like garbage. Deflated. Defeated. Overwhelmed. A little lost.

After work, I grabbed the dog’s leash and set off down the road with the beagle. I imagined that dog’s day and his version of lonely. Drowsily bored and counting the endless ticks from the clock down the hall. Waiting. Always waiting.

Out there on the road, the air chilled my cheeks and fingertips. The day’s
December grays all around me, I searched for any sign of color – clinging a little to the few colored leaves left on a branch here or there. From time to time I breathed deeply – pausing all thought – just to focus on all that air filling my lungs.

Every step, every breath cleansing me. As only the outdoors can.

Why is this a lesson I need to learn over and over?

Beagles walk slowly, smelling each and every inch of the path before them. Sometimes I find this gait excruciatingly s l o w. I am a busy person! I have no time for beagle walking.

But I do.

Really. I do.

Time is another one of those hooks I use to hang my stress on and truthfully, I’ve got a spare 30 to take the dog for a walk. Or rather – take ME – for a walk with the dog.

In those 30 slow minutes of walking and breathing I found my way back to better. One hundred percent better than before. One heckava return on a 30 minute investment, don’t you think?

I guess it’s a lesson I’m willing to learn and learn again. Clarity – for me – comes when I’m outdoors. I can leave it all – and from one day to the next, it all means so many different things – and I can leave it all, out there on the pavement.

I can bring the indoors, OUT.

And leave it there.

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