I think I can credit Instagram for my own personal Renaissance.

My very first Instagram post was an iPhone4 photo of some cream-colored cone flowers in our front yard 70 weeks ago.  I took that phone with me everywhere – of course to communicate , but mostly to take pictures. I saw pictures – mine for the taking – everywhere I went. Old barns, clouds, apples, stone walls, gates, anything rusty at all,  and pure New England scenery of every season.

DSC_0365 (3)

I started to see small. The world was bigger than I ever imagined, filled as it was with all those teeny, tiny details. The curl of a leaf. The faint blush of a flower. A squat, brown, spotted toadstool.

DSC_0355 (3)

When I found Instagram, I found me. A new me. Someone I’d never met nor known before.

Me. Creative. Me. Inspired. Me … still me … but more.


Thirty-seven weeks ago, according to my Instagram feed, a new Nikon introduced me to even more of the world.  I’m learning about light. Morning light. The blue hour. Shadow. Contrast. Framing. And I still love to photograph barns and flowers and rusty old gates.

Photography inspires my writing in a way that blank piece of paper never could. Every single shot tells a story – my story – and the view I have of my world on that one and only day I’m living.

So, thank you Instagram.

DSC_0422 (3)

And thanks to all of you Instagrammers for sharing your art. Your fun. Your landscapes, children, pets, parties, sunsets,  sailboats …  and your lives. All of you inspire creativity, spirituality, and intellectual thought in my world.

Only a few Fanstagram favorite follows – more to come!

So Friendly …

 @juliainnh    –   @washblue    –     @fuzzy.67    –   @barbeest

Seriously Fun …


Cool Beans …

@putnam18    –    @jimmy_wils      –     @sallycooperphotography

Truly New England …


So Motivating …


A Light Kind of Dark…


So Thought-Provoking …




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