The Power of 27

DSC_0286 (3)

27 is my superpower.  27 transforms me into a somehow better, stronger, more capable version of myself.

And isn’t that what a superpower is all about?

Think about Clark Kent and Superman.  Batman and Bruce Wayne. Superheroes with superpowers.

I wonder if they know the power of 27?

Several years ago when living in the chaos and never-ending pile of laundry that comes with raising four boys, I found the FlyLady.

FlyLady Marla Cilley discovered that one path to less stress and greater life enjoyment comes with establishing routines, making work fun, and Finally Loving Yourself enough to banish clutter and chaos from your life.  Here’s a link to FlyLady.

I’ve used several of Marla’s ideas off and on over the years, but one especially – 27 Fling Boogie makes a regular appearance in our home.  In Marla’s version, you turn up the tunes and dance through your home with a trash bag tossing 27 items that need to be thrown away.

But  trash clutter isn’t my arch enemy. I do battle with all the everythings left behind and out of place. I need to put stuff back where it belongs – and after a long working week, almost nothing seems to be where it belongs.on Saturday morning.

So in flies 27.  After putting 27  (and only 27  ) errant belongings away this morning, I rescued my kitchen island and safely landed several dish villains in the dishwasher.  Peace is restored to our very own Gotham City.

Why 27?  I’m not sure. The power of 27 is a mystery, but it works. A Goldilocks number – not too many, not too few – just right and do-able.

27 gets things done.

Life-saving? No. Sanity-saving? Yes.

It works. With kids and toys. With laundry. With paperwork.

Try it.

And if you can get your partner to do a 27 too — you’ll be a dynamic duo  with double the superpower.

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