Soul Food

It doesn’t take long to feed my soul.

I’m estimating here, but I think I was out for about an hour with my camera early this morning and empty as I was, those sixty minutes filled me.


DSC_0083 (2)

I’m learning my journey’s going to need a few rest stops.

DSC_0094 (4)

And I know one of the best ways to understand what’s going on inside of me …    is to go outside of me.

It’s easy to forget in all the details of life how very much more detailed the world around me is. I am only one very small piece of the living world, and each of the other maybe even tinier pieces around me feel so special, important … and sometimes unnoticed by me in all my haste and hurry.

I spent at least ten minutes today just chatting with some zinnias in a bed by the river’s edge. Those zinnias – bold, vibrant, and maybe a little stubbornly petulant about the coming of fall – reminded me color exists in a world which sometimes feels so very black and white.

DSC_0091 (3)

What’s true for me is that a conversation with flowers helps to simplify and quiet the almost never silent stream-of-consciousness flowing inside my head.

I love how very big smallness is.

DSC_0085 (3)

So there we were – me and my camera – out wandering around just after sunrise.

You can see a whole big bunch of small in an hour.

My soul – I’m remembering – is fed full by the smallest of details and the shortest of moments.

And if I don’t feel beautiful or joyful or at peace inside of me  … it’s possible to find all of that and more outside with my camera.

DSC_0081 (3)

And then bring the outside — in.

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