On Beginnings

Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.

-Meister Eckhart

There’s a better view of beginnings when they’re standing side by side with an end.  We live always in a contrast of night to day, week to month, and season to season.  And somehow we need to navigate the transitions between them.DSC_1034 (2)And while beginnings feel full of hope and opportunity, endings feel a little wistful and nostalgic. I always weep a bit at farewells, but keeping one foot here in the present and one foot behind is a little uncomfortable.

Maybe it’s best to embrace a beginning.

DSC_1038 (2)

Walking in the light of a new morning today,  I understood its value and found faith in its purpose.  Beginning light is timid but brave.  Steady and growing stronger.

And so am I. Each time I begin again.


So let’s believe in beginnings. And let’s begin today. And again tomorrow.

Both  gentle and bold.

Willing and ready.

DSC_1044 (5)

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