Out of the Comfort Zone

We spent the weekend visiting family in western New York.

From our door to theirs and back again, we traveled a total of 980 miles and 16 hours by car.  It’s a drive best done with your closest friend, good music, and snacks in the back.

I recommend peanut M&Ms.

DSC_0860 (2)

It’s becoming more and more important for me to walk down new sidewalks and take in the view from someone else’s windows. Summer gives me more opportunity to go, do, and discover  than any other season, but I’m going to make reservations for these out-of-my-own-world experiences more often and year-round. As my father once said, “I’ve got places to go, things to do, and people to see.”

And, I’m learning, so do I. For me, exploring will no longer be a part-time, Saturday and Sunday, or June through August gig. My children are grown and going.  And I need to grow and go too.

DSC_0866 (3)

These lily pads’ roots are tethered in the muck beneath the Erie Canal. Completed in 1825, some called the Erie Canal the 8th Wonder of the World.

And I walked alongside it with my love, my beagle, and my camera.

DSC_0816 (3)

This generous and kind musician welcomed us, accordion-style,  to the most amazing farmer’s market I’ve ever shopped.

DSC_0805 (2)

DSC_0808 (2)

And once again, I was camera happy.

DSC_0826 (3)

Here’s the beautiful farmhouse living alongside a 65 acre family-owned and operated fruit farm in Burt, New York.

DSC_0828 (3)

Murphy Orchards was once a stop  for runaway slaves along the Underground Railroad on their way to freedom in Canada.

And I stopped there too.

There’s a hidden room under the barn.


How often do you get chills in the middle of August?

DSC_0829 (2)

We picked peaches …


and plums …

DSC_0833 (2)

… and the next day walked along the alley-ways of ordinary people just like us.

DSC_0893 (3)

I’m so thankful for all the beautiful I found away from home and just past my comfort zone.

DSC_0821 (2)

And 980 miles wasn’t too far to go find it.

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