Goodbye July

DSC_0757This is the first time I’ve linked up to Emily Freeman’s What I Learned series.  And … since it’s August 4th already … I’m a little late to a party I’ve felt pretty nervous to join in the first place. I brought flowers so hopefully no one notices!

August is ticking by too, so I better hurry!

Here’s a link : Emily P. Freeman.


I spent one of July’s amazing New England beach days hanging out with a few of the people I used to be.  The learning came when I realized – or remembered, not sure which – I’m the sum of all the people I used to be. The awkward ten year old ran freely through roll after roll of white-capped waves, the college student reminded me of long-ago friendships, and the young mother whispered to me about what a great grandmother I’ll be some day.  Together, we’re all preparing me for who’d I’d like to be next. You can meet us all here.



I learned how to link my blog posts to another blog by participating in Esther Emery’s #wholemama series. It’s been so helpful to write with other writers. I’ve also learned to consider a topic not of my choosing and use it to find my own voice and perspective.



I’m learning more about my Nikon D3300 every time I pull it out. Experiential learning is best for me: hands-on, try-it-out, and see what happens. I never expected to enjoy taking pictures as much as I do. It feeds a whole new creative craving for me. I happily walk the places of my life for hours – camera in hand – and I notice many more of smallest details of the world around me than ever before.

My camera takes me outside of myself and that’s really, really important learning. More on that some other day.

I also learned to use my tripod. I usually procrastinate tasks I imagine will be difficult and this was one of them. Learning to use my five-month-old tripod this month helped me shoot the cake – in the light of my bedroom window – for my post about 1-2-3-4 cake here.

Instagram is another great source of pleasure for me. You can follow me @1hopefulyear.



I’m committed to getting our home as organized as possible this summer and equally committed to cost-free re purposing. Our newly designed hallway linen closet is now not only functional, but pretty to look at too.  Continuing with closets, I transformed one of the foyer coat closets into a brand new and efficient office space. Our master bedroom closet is well underway. Perhaps a closet post will follow soon!

I also started to use a Bullet Journal as described by Emily Freeman in her post here. This journal system, designed by Ryder Carroll, has literally changed my life – and I’m not even in my busy season yet! I’ve always been a connoisseur of calendars and I LOVE lists.  I’ve got more notebooks than I care to count. And I’ve never found an information system that works for me – until now.  Not only am I using it, but my husband is too.  Ryder’s site is here. There’s also a whole bunch of You Tube videos about how other people use their bullet journals.

Fun stuff for us pen and paper people!

If you’re still here – all the way at the end of this month of learning – I thank you. I’d love to hear what you’ve been learning this month! From what I can see, it’s still not too late to link to Emily yourself – so go for it and I’ll see you there!


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