Seeing in Words

It’s sultry hot today. The sun’s in – or out – and the sky’s a little moody, so the light keeps changing. It’s a perfect day for taking pictures.

DSC_0868Our country road is quiet and familiar. I watch seasons change walking this road. My point of view changes too whenever I bring my camera along. I see the unexpected right alongside the regular. I notice what’s new and different right there next to all I’ve taken for granted.

My everyday and ordinary is suddenly beautiful.


Small details like this find their just right moment as though they’ve been waiting patiently to be seen by someone. Might as well be me.
DSC_0921 (2)

Some leaves begin and end their lives an entirely different color than the green they live with day after day all summer long.

I’m sure I knew that, didn’t I? Or did I just remember I knew it because the idea came into view?DSC_0901

Writing’s like that, I think. New ideas suddenly come into focus so clearly I think I must have thought them before. And so often, the road my words walk ends up at an entirely different destination than the one I anticipated.

There’s a freedom out there on that road with my camera that I need to find in here with my writing. DSC_0910

Like photography, good writing comes from skill, chance, hard work, and good fortune. A change of lense might lead to a whole new way with words.  I can move a little closer or back away to alter my perspective. I can write what I know but see what’s just beyond the ordinary.

The tiniest seed of a thought may grow into something much larger, and the unexpected is probably waiting for me right there in plain view.

DSC_0951I tend to overthink almost every aspect of my writing – sometimes almost paralyzing me or silencing my voice as a result.

My walk today taught me to see in words.  It’s time for me to point – shoot – and let the writing emerge on its own.


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