Possibility. A word wrapped in hope. 

A far-fetched cousin of reality,  possibility refuses to look at life exactly as it is. Reality lives in a world of Monday mornings, but when you hang out with possibility, it’s always a Saturday night.

Possibility’s a party with balloons, streamers, confetti flying with the air with good fortune and a round of smiles for all.  Possibility believes in – and celebrates – you and me, all of us. Inviting us each morning into the dawn of one more day where dreams are just waking up.

It’s sometimes hard to see possibility. I wonder what I’ve overlooked by no more than the habit of day to day living. The comfort of my habits drift me along through my days until I reach the stopping place at the end. Possibilities punctuate life’s potential with question marks and exclamation points – not periods.  

What if ? !

Possibility knows imagination.  A thinker of new ideas, possibility rides shotgun on a spontaneous trip down an unknown road, and inspires the courage of change.

What will I find when I fling open my mind? My heart? How will life change if I pay attention and look hard for what’s possible? What will I see? Where will I go? Who will I meet? 

Is it possible to be kinder? More generous? Is it possible to complain less and praise more? Give more and take less? What’s possible in my relationships? My job?  

What’s possible in this day?

Let’s find out …

Peace, Barbara

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