If I Do One Thing Today

No pressure.
No stress.
No list.
No task too small. Too unimportant.  Too anything.

If I do one thing today … is a new life focus on what’s important to me.  To me.

I decide.  I choose.  I focus.   On whatever task, large – small – important – or insignificant, is do-able and achievable in my day.  If I do one thing today … is a thought coming to mind at some point in my day – beginning, middle, or end –  a direction I walk or a task I begin – for my own peace of mind and personal happiness.

So far …

  • I’ve cleaned the shower frame (do you even know how gunked up that can get?)
  • Continued a knitting project
  • Hand-written thank you notes
  • Decluttered the condiment shelves in the fridge
  • Selected some vacation photos for printing

And today …

  • wrote this blog post.

See?  Totally do-able.

I totally dig all the possibilities:  creativity, organization, long and much-needed cleaning, or putting an end to procrastination once and for all.

Might not always be fun, but If I do one thing today just plain feels good.

I can’t wait for tomorrow.

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